Board of Directors

2022-2023 Board Members

Steve Deutsch, Secretary/Treasurer

Michele Halstead, Chairperson

Stephanie Blaisdell, Vice Chair

Corinna Caracci, Administrative Alternate

Kevin Saunders, Faculty

Brian Obach, Faculty

Rachel Rigolino, Faculty Alternate

Fred Destefano, Classified Staff

Brianna Hicks, Student Association President

Abbigail Selnick, RHSA/Office of Residence Life, President

Mazee Simpson, RHSA/Office of Residence Life, Treasurer

Genesis Powell, Sodexo Student Rep. Alternate

Melinda Cirilo, CAS Controller

Stella Turk, President’s Designee

Board Meeting Schedule

FALL 2021

October 4th @ 11:00AM // WebEx Call

November 4th @ 2:00PM // WebEx Call

December 13th @ 1:00PM // WebEx Call


February 15th @ 1:00PM // WebEx Call

April 4th @ 9:00AM // WebEx Call

May 6th @ 1:00PM // WebEx Call

April 2023 Meeting Recording
December 2022 Meeting Recording
November 2022 Meeting Recording
Food Panel