Hawk Dollars

Hawk Dollars are funds deposited to your ID card that can be used for anything from books at the Campus Bookstore to the vending machines around campus. You can also use your Hawk Dollars in dining service locations as well as several local businesses.

Setting Up Hawk Dollars

First, visit the Campus Auxiliary Services office (first floor of Peregrine Dining Hall) to sign up or register your email with my.CASaccount. The minimum to open a Hawk Dollar account is $25 dollars. From there you will be able to make deposits and monitor your spending in both Hawk Dollars and Dining Dollars online via my.CASaccount.com. Money added through my.CASaccount are ineligible for bonuses. Deposits to your account from friends or family can be made via phone or online.

For more information, please call 845-257-3034.

In addition, all dining service locations on campus accept Hawk Dollars. Your Hawk Dollars account is separate from the meal plan, and since Hawk Dollar sales are subject to the 8% NYS sales tax, any unused money (greater than $5) can be refunded to you at the end of the semester at your request.

Gift Card Picture

Hawk Gift Cards

Hawk gift cards are available for purchase at the campus card services in the CAS office located on the first floor of Peregrine Dining Hall