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Although a photograph itself may not be notarized, the notary public may notarize a statement about the photograph. If the customer has a statement on the back of the photograph (For example: I certify that this is an actual photograph of myself), and the customer asks the notary public to witness his or her signature on that statement, the notary public may (if there is room on the photo for the notarial certificate, notary public signature and official notary seal) notarize the photograph. (not applicable for this application, as original is not presented)

For smaller photographs the customer may make a statement about the photograph on a piece of paper referring to the “the attached photo.” As long as the notary public is just witnessing the customer’s instruction, the notary public may notarize (use this application).

After the notarial certificate is completed (venue, statement, official notary seal, and signature), use the official notary seal a second time so that it overlaps the photograph and the paper to which is is attached being careful not to cover the face of the photo. This is a protection device which allows the receiving agency to know that the photograph is the one attached to the document at the time of notarization (use this application).

Procedure for obtaining ID Card

Procedure for obtaining a college issued photo identification card

  • Obtain a recent photograph of yourself following the US Passport Photo Requirements.
  • Provide an in color digital copy of the picture to us in JPEG format that is exactly 2×2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size by uploading that copy here:
    If you aren't able to uplaod a photo, please visit the Campus Card Access Office for help. Print a copy of the SAME photo that you attempted to upload on photo quality paper and attach to the form to the right. Complete the form to the right and have form notarized.Specific instructions to a Notary Public regarding photographs are above.
  • The JPEG photo and the photo you attached to the form to the right must be the same to receive your college issued photo ID.
  • Take a photo with your phone or scan copy of the completed and notarized for here:

    Completed Photo ID Form

    Completed and Notarized File upload

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Status Messages

Please read the Procedure for obtaining ID Card to the right prior to downloading and filling out this form. Thank you.