Board Of Directors

Scheduled Meeting

    All Meetings are scheduled between 10:30-12:30pm

    SUB 418

    • May 8th

Board Members
  • Elee Wolf-Sonkin, President

  • Andrea Paredes, Vice President

  • L. David Eaton, President’s Designee

  • Steve Deutsch, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Dariana Almeyda, Alternate/Treasurer

  • Stephanie Blaisdell, Chairperson

  • Michele Halstead, Vice Chair

  • Corinna Caracci, Administrative Alternate

  • Niza Cardona, Faculty

  • Brian Obach, Faculty Alternate

  • Fred Destefano, Classified Staff

  • N'Della Seque, Student Association President

  • Bryant Bonilla, Voting Delegate

  • Isabelle Hayes, Sodexo Student Rep.

  • Seriah Durandisse, Alternate

  • Jules Robinson, RHSA/Office of Residence Life, Vice President

  • Jaun Pablo Molina, RHSA/Office of Residence Life, Treasurer

  • Samuel Halligan, RHSA/Office of Residence Life, President/Alternate

Board Meeting Recordings and Minutes

April Board Minutes

April Meeting